TOPAZ brand originated in 2016

With a passionate love for outdoor extreme sports Committed to the two-way journey of technology and aesthetics

Representing scenes with skiing, mountaineering, and riding behaviors Create base layer sports equipment for all terrain

Becoming an all-weather strategic partner for every athlete

TOPAZ pays close attention to every movement and feels close to the body


The spirit of sportsmanship lies in constantly challenging oneself, and TOPAZ's high protective characteristics silently escort every challenge.

In addition to knowledge, skills, and correct training methods, choosing sports equipment with a certain degree of proactive prevention ability is also an effective way to reduce the risk of various injuries. TOPAZ advocates and practices an essential safety concept based on equipment functional design and manufacturing processes, bringing stable protection from zero distance.


Wearing TOPAZ will always bring more confidence to your sports, no matter where you are on the surface of mountains, snowfields, cliffs, or jungles.

The rational design of functions and the emotional transmission of creativity make technology and culture coexist. Not only limited to stacking materials and decors, but also a functional layer that conforms to the mechanics of motion, which will make the improvement of sports skills more effective with half the effort. Every detail carefully considered in TOPAZ is for better expression of strength and beauty.


A true sportsman is not only a brave person who challenges the unknown, but also a wise person who can clearly understand the limits of his body.

TOPAZ, along with senior physical fitness coaches and exercise rehabilitation experts, is committed to better monitoring and quantifying human physiological indicators, analyzing the mechanism of fatigue generation, and establishing an effective model for monitoring the risk of fatigue injury among athletes. While enjoying the excitement brought by sports, TOPAZ, with high perception, hopes that everyone can have a long-term and carefree sports career.